Blockchain technology isn't just a more efficient way to settle securities. It will fundamentally change market structures, and maybe even the architecture of the Internet itself.

- Abigail Johnson -

How blockchain works



Opening Ceremony of the Asia Blockchain Society

About the Society

The Institute was founded by top academic experts around the world, including Harvard University, Columbia University, Cambridge University, UK, Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Wudaokou Finance College, etc. Experts and professors serve as academic advisors. The founding of the Institute has also received the support of many Chinese and overseas legal experts and tax experts, and has also received the sponsorship of a number of blockchain companies and financial institutions.

The Institute aims to promote the theory and commercial applications of blockchains in Asia and provide customized independent solutions for blockchain companies and financial institutions. Relying on the team's comprehensive expertise in academia, finance, law, investment, and blockchain, we will provide you with corporate training, high-level academic lectures, and global blockchain forums to enhance academic exchange and commercial applications, and promote the industrial development.

Our aim is to “create opportunities, freedom, equality, inclusiveness and coexistence” to deliver core values, always adhering to the business philosophy of “mutual benefit” and bringing together a group of highly qualified academic experts to contribute to the development of the Asian blockchain industry.

The Asian Blockchain Institute has positioned itself with professional knowledge, a sound platform, and comprehensive support to disseminate the correct concept of the blockchain. We will continue to invite experts and institutions to cooperate and contribute to a long-term development of blockchain!

Our Vision

To encourage academic discussion and create a free blockchain world

Our Mission






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Past Events



The Asia Blockchain Society held the World Web3 Summit and Awards Dinner at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.



Interviewed by TVB "Scoop" show, remind investors for the underlying risk when investing in Cryptocurrency!

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Chairman was invited to share his view on crypto-currencies in TVB Hong Kong



Chairman introduced digital economy and blockchain in the Hong Kong Science Park Innovation China, Hong Kong Forum 2021



On behalf of the society, Chairman participated in the World Intelligence Congress



Chairman was invited to share on the Asia Digital Economy Submit in Thailand



Chairman was awarded the best investment award by the CCTV forum



President Cheney Tsoi represented the Asian Blockchain Society to attend the Hong Kong Blockchain Summit.



The Asian Blockchain Society Business Application Committee was formally established in Hong Kong



The Asian Blockchain Society Sichuan Branch was officially established



TheAsia Blockchain Society Shenzhen Branch was officially established



The Asian Blockchain Society Hangzhou Branch was officially established



The Asia Blockchain Society Xiamen Branch was officially established



Shanghai hosts the Asian Blockchain Economic Summit



The Incubation Center of the Asian Blockchain Society is officially established



Opening Ceremony of The Asia Blockchain Society was held in Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre



Attended and gave a speech in Singapore ADD foundation



Attended the blockchain summit held by TPG in Japan with more than 1000 attendees



Interviewed by Now TV Finance to share hints on investing in cryptocurrencies in 2018



Attended the Thailand Co. Ltd. Conference

Investment & Cooperating Organisation


Core Values

Opportunity Creation

Freedom and Fairness

Integrated Society

Our Team

Honorary Chairman

Liu Wenwei, JP

Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

Ms Leung Yuk-ching

Vice President of Hong Kong SME Federation

Founding Team

Dr. Cheney Tsoi

Founding President, CEO of Hong Kong Blockchain Asset Management Company

Chief Strategy Officer

Zhu Youping

Chief Strategy Officer, Asian Blockchain Society

National Information Center Blockchain Economist, China Economic Information Network and China Economics 50 Forum One of the sponsors, the academic achievements have been rewarded by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Information Center. Deputy Director of the Central Economic Information Management Center and Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of the National Information Center; National Information Center China Economic Information Network Editor-in-Chief; National Information Center China Smart City Development Research Center; China Blockchain Ecological Alliance (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) Expert Committee Member; Deputy Director of the Expert Committee of the International Blockchain Innovation Application Alliance of China Mobile Communications Federation; member of the Electric Power Data Group of China Electrical Engineering Society.

Chief Honorary Advisor

Dr. Han Yongfei

Chairman of Banking Safety Committee of Singapore, Ph.D. in Cryptography, University of London

Honorary Academic Advisor

Professor Wang Cheng

Professor, Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Ph.D. Supervisor, Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the Editorial Department of Economic Studies. He once served as a director of the China Investment Association and a member of the Academic Committee of the Development Economics Research Branch of the Chinese Society for Research on Foreign Economics. He is currently an expert enjoying special allowances from the State Council and was awarded the title of FCO Chevening Scholar and British Acadimy K. C. Wong Fellow. The main research areas are macroeconomic issues such as employment, income distribution, and economic growth. He has published more than ten monographs such as "Competition Strategy and Risk Management" in the Commercial Press, and published "China's Employment Transformation: From Concealed Unemployment, Underemployment to Efficient Employment" in academic journals such as Economic Research and Economics Dynamics. "More than 100 papers such as "soft start" and its macroeconomic policy adjustments" have successively undertaken dozens of national and ministry projects such as the National Social Science Fund Project and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Key Projects.

Dr. Pang Huadong

Chairman of China University of Science and Technology Alumni Foundation, MIT, USA

Dr. Lin Yunqin

Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and Economics

Dr. Shen Chunming

Doctor of Finance, CASS, Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge, UK

Professor Chen Guan

Renmin University of China

Professor of Business School of Renmin University of China, and Senior Visiting Professor of International EMBA, Peking University Economic Research Center, Presenting "Brand Strategy and Advertising" He has served as brand consultant for Beijing Hyundai Motor Company and brand consultant for China Telecom Group for many years.

Professor Liu Zhenyou

Stanford University

Liu Chang with Doctor

Beijing University

Dr. Wenwen Zeng

Hong Kong university

Adjunct Associate Professor and Associate Professor of the Business School, University of Hong Kong SPACE Adjunct Professor, Investment Management Research Center, China University of Political Science and Law. Dr. Zeng is a renowned Chinese law researcher, president of the China Legal Research Institute, a contributing researcher for the World and China Institutes, a standing director of the Guangdong Association of Foreign Investment Laws, and a founding member of the British Leadership and Management Institute. Visiting Professor of Law School of Northeast Agricultural University, Dr. Zeng’s research focuses on the development of trust systems and family trusts in Chinese society, public law and public power restrictions, blockchain-related laws, and economic law.

Wu Tong

Central University of Finance and Economics, Deputy Director of the CECBC Blockchain Committee of the Ministry of Commerce, Dean of the Digital Economy Business School

Dr. Chen Zhiyi

Visiting Scholar, Royal Holloway College, University of London

Prof. Graham Leach

Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (POLYU)

Prof. Graham teaches robotics, entrepreneurship, project management, innovation management and e-commerce courses at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design. He also directs graduate and undergraduate thesis, with 150 to 200 students creating 30 to 40 startups each year.

William (Bill) M Genovese

Huawei Vice President / International Famous Financial Security Expert

Huawei Group Vice President/Internationally renowned financial security expert, Co-Chairman of Dawan District Financial Technology Committee, company strategy, blockchain and financial services experts

Hans-Arno Jacobsen

Professor of Computer Engineering and Computer Science, chaired Research work of the Middleware Systems Research Group (

IEEE Fellow, a researcher in the cross-disciplinary field of distributed systems and data management systems, focuses on blockchain, middleware systems, complex event streaming, big data systems, and networked physical systems. Before joining the University of Toronto in 2001, he studied and completed his Ph.D. in Germany, France, and the United States (Berkeley University) and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the French National Institute of Information and Automation (INRIA). Work. In 2011, he was awarded the prestigious "Alexander von Humboldt Chair" award and joined the Munich University of Technology in Germany for research work.

Honorary Advisor

Mr. Hu Dong

General Manager of Tencent (Shanghai) Venture Base and Secretary General of Shanghai Blockchain Industry Alliance

Mr. Wang Feng

Mars Finance sponsor, founder of Blueport Interactive Group

Wu Ziwen

Federation of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, President of World Trade Association

Zhu Xinlan

Chief Executive Officer of Global SME Equity Exchange Center

Mr. Stuart

Accord Global Partner Executive Director

Dr. Li Zhijian

Chief Economic Adviser, Chairman of the Blockchain Industry Analyst Association, Dafang Asia Community

Lai Zhifeng PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Belt and Road Development Association Vice Chairman

Ma Tianping People's Bank Dr.

Beijing Betta Zhitou Technology Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer

Yu Xiaolei, PhD, Ministry of Finance

Founder of China Blockchain Workshop, Chairman of China-Hong Kong Venture Capital Group

Currently he is the founder of Blockchain Workshop, Chairman of China Enterprise Port Group, Ph.D. of Finance Department of Finance Department, Financial EMBA of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Adjunct Professor of Xiamen University, Central University of Finance and Economics, University of Capital University of Economics and Trade, etc. Social entrepreneurship mentor. Since 2015, he has invested in more than 20 blockchains and early artificial intelligence projects such as Super Brain Chain, Fari, X-Elf, Supreme Magic Financial Cloud, and Tage Gezhi.

Zhang Guoliang Academy of Social Sciences

Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Cai Chenghui Duke University PhD

Jinxin Data Finance Founder

Wu Jianhan Academy of Social Sciences

Beijing Wanhe Securities Co., Ltd. General Manager

Ou Weixian

Former Chief Investment Officer of Carlyle Group, USA, Director of Irish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Mr. Zhou Jianghua

Beijing Yucai Golden Stock Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer

LOW KOK WAN Liu Yuwon Datuk

ADD Alcatel Founder

Mr. Xie Baoxiong

Chinese Northern Securities Group - Strategy Officer, Chuangmeng International Co., Ltd. - Ozone Blockchain Incubation Center - Strategy Officer

Mr. Wang Bo

Co-founder of Factom, Founder of Delphy


Singapore Coinbene Founder

Mr. Li Ming

TDex President, Turing Derivative Products Exchange

Mr. Liu Wei

Ip Man 3 Mobile Games R&D Fun CEO Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Chen Weilian

General Manager of MERC MAX Exchange

Ms. Cai Xueliang

Executive Director, Hong Kong Communication Arts Centre Limited

Mr. De Weiwei

Yutong Asset Management Co., Ltd. Executive Director

Mr. Li Fuji

Asian heritage and family office general manager

Mr. Wang Junwen

Vice President of China Investment International Financial Consultancy Co., Ltd.

Dr. Li Junshan

Honorary Academic Advisor, Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, Ph.D. at Oxford University

Dr. Sun Yihan

Honor Consultant, Capital Partners

Professor Wang Xuezong

Honor Consultant, Chairman of Lianyu Telecommunication, Blockchain Economist

Mr. Hu Dong

Honor Consultant, Tencent (Shanghai) General Manager of Venture Base

Mr. Liu Tao

Honorary Advisor: Founder of Ion Chain, Lecturer, Blockchain, Fudan University


Asia Blockchain Institute Consultant

Core Cluster Founder, former Huawei blockchain high-end expert. Member of the American ACM Practitioner Board, CEO and founder of DistributedApps in the United States, managing partner of Dynamic Fintech Group in Silicon Valley, expert member of Blockchain of China Electronics Society, and Distinguished Researcher of Big Data Blockchain and Regulatory Technology Lab and Law Chain Lab of Renmin University of China With the lecturer. He has worked for CGI in the United States for more than 18 years. He has served as the head of CGI blockchain laboratory, CGI security technology director, CGI cloud security director and chief security architect.

Professor Zhao Yongxin

Asia Blockchain Institute Consultant

Advanced Internet financial economist, independent director of listed companies, senior adviser to several banks. Professor of Hebei Finance College, master tutor, Tsinghua University, Peking University and other financial presidents, China Financial Think Tank Researcher, China Technology Economics Association Finance and Technology Committee Expert, China New Financial Development Alliance Financial Innovation Industry Instructor, China Electronic Commerce Association Experts from the Internet Finance Institute, special experts from the CMCA International Blockchain Alliance, special experts from the China Automotive Industry Association Block Chain Industry Innovation Center, and special experts from the Development Research Center of Xi'an New District of Hebei Finance College. Research areas: financial technology, blockchain, etc. He has edited a number of textbooks, among which “Introduction to Internet Finance” has been listed as a designated training material for the National Industrial and Informatization Talent Cultivation Project, and has published more than 60 academic papers, and has undertaken more than 40 various topics.

Professor Li Hui

Professor of Peking University, Ph.D., Ph.D.

National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure - Member of the Future Network Test Implementation Expert Group, Director of Peking University Innovation Lab; Vice President of the Technology and Industry Innovation Alliance (Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Network Security Direction ), Chairman of IEEE Blockchain Technology Shenzhen Expert Committee, member of CCF Blockchain Committee of China Computer Society. The winner of the 2017 Chinese Person of the Year Award.

Professor Jin Xiangrong

Deputy Dean of the School of Economics of Zhejiang University, Ph.D., Director of China Macroeconomics Education Research Association, Director of Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Administration Association, Young and Middle-aged Academic Leaders of Zhejiang Province, and No.1 Talent Project of Zhejiang Province Level academic leader

He has won the Outstanding Young Teacher Award of the Ministry of Education, the young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Zhejiang Province, and the Zhejiang Teaching Teacher Award. He has published three papers in the famous journal "Marxist Sources of Research" (Seventh 1986, 1987, ninth, 1989, vol. 10). In 1991, he went to Germany for a study tour. His book entitled "Economic Analysis of Tariffs and Non-tariff Barriers" (1993), in which the study of China's tariff and non-tariff reforms was in Economic Research (1998), "World Economy", Many publications such as "International Trade Issues" have published many papers.

Dr. Zhao Yong

Master of Engineering, Tsinghua University, Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Chicago, Professor Ian Foster, the father of Grid Computing

Member of the China Computer Association Big Data Expert Committee Member of the Artificial Intelligence Committee of China Data Center Alliance, Founder of Chengdu Rongji Chain Technology Co., Ltd., Chairman and CTO of Qingshu Technology, President of China Western Internet and Big Data Industry Branch, China Big Data Industrial evangelists and pioneers, the first author of the book on big data technology monographs in China, the book "Architectural Big Data", "Big Data Revolution" and so on. He has served in Microsoft and won the Outstanding Employee Award. The chairman of several ACM/IEEE International Cloud Computing/Big Data Conferences and his independently developed SWIFT system data algorithm platform are widely used in the scientific research field in the United States and the world, for example, the US Department of Energy. SDSS Sloan Digital Sky Scan Project, NASA's AstroPortal Astro Data Gateway Project, Large Hadron Collider LHC and Gravitational Wave Detection LIGO

Professor Zhu Chunyu

Professor of Zhengzhou University

Postdoctoral fellow of the Institute of Law of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, postdoctoral coordinator is Professor Xin Chunying, deputy secretary general of the National People's Congress. The postdoctoral report is "Environmental Law Effectiveness Research" and participates in the revision of the National Environmental Protection Law. Professor Zhu has studied the blockchain for a period of time, focusing on the legal system research of blockchain application, and strives to make the blockchain research as soon as possible from the technical and application level to the national institutional regulation level

Founding Team

Mr. Chen Yiwen

Vice president

Miss Li Ziyao

Secretary general

Miss Zhu Chunming

Deputy Secretary-General

Zhou Runyi CPA

Financial consultant

Deputy Director of Asia Pacific’s first TV station, Bao Qihao

Public Relations

Secretary of the Asia Blockchain Society

Wing Cheung

Managing Secretary of the Asia Blockchain Society

Apply for membership

Admission Criteria:
All institutions and individuals who have endorsed the objectives of this Council, have reached the age of 18, and are interested in the blockchain, are welcome to join.

Membership Fee:

(1) Membership fee: HKD$1,000 for individual members and HKD$2,000 for institutional members.

(2) Annual membership fees: HKD$500 for individual members and HKD$1,000 for institutional members, paid once a year.

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